A White Wedding

Posted by on Jul 24, 2014

White: The color of a new beginning. Of completeness. Of pure unity. White is a new page, awaiting the fresh ink of the next chapter. Is a white wedding the only way to go?  A color that has been synonymous with every little girl’s dream wedding. Tracing the tradition back to the mid 1800’s, there lies the woman who started the domino chain of conscious consumption; the powerful magic white wand rests in the hands of the late Queen Victoria when she ditched the routine red dress for an avant-garde white. With an air of royal prestige, the white gown was worn to showcase elite luxury for the color could so quickly be ruined and impossible to launder. The effect sent centuries of women out to battle in bridal shops around the world, fighting tooth and nail over exaggerated white tulle proofed gowns, most unaware of the significance of their participation in centuries of tradition.

But hold on, fair ladies, have we not broken from our British ruling ages ago?Should we not have a little fun with our bridal wardrobe? The modern bride is now calling for dresses in an array of colors. From Elizabeth Taylor’s green gown to Sarah Jessica Parker’s bold black, the aisles are flourishing with a refresh of color. Check out some of our favorite dresses in color from Monique L’huillier, Moda Operandi and Zuhair Murad.




Last Image © Galia Lahav