“There is not much I can say to express how breathtaking these wedding photos I discovered by Christopher Kuehl are.  All that really can be said is that this man is talented with a capital T and if I ever do anything as important as getting married again, I am going to make sure him and his lens are in attendance! {if you visit his portfolio: be prepared to hang out for hours} I mean they are flawless right?!”

The Pink And Blue Blog .

“Chris is some sort of visual magician.  Our experience working with Satin Train was simply phenomenal. From the pre-wedding photo shoot to the hustle and bustle of the big day, Chris was there to capture each moment – often without us even being aware of it.  Chris worked closely with us to deliver exactly what we wanted – even going beyond what we were able to articulate.  He’s incredibly quick, so we were free to focus on our guests, and in the end, we were completely blown away by the photos he took. We sat together and got to experience everything all over again, taking special delight in all the moments we missed.  Chris cares about the artistry so much that we were able to relax and enjoy our day, knowing he would be there to document every part of it. When we got the photographs back, we were stunned… almost speechless. He went so far above and beyond what we had even hoped for.We’ve worked with a lot of photographers in our line of work, and Chris is at the top of the list. It felt amazing to know that such a distinct artistic eye was there to capture our wedding. For a day that evaporates into dream-like memories, it is a real gift to have such an incredible record that perfectly captures each of those moments.”

Nathan Johnson.

“I have been married over a year and every week I find myself looking at my wedding pictures.  And every week someone new tells me how amazing they are!  I could not have asked for better photos to capture our special day.  Chris far exceeded my expectations and I LOVE every picture he took for us.  He really knew what to capture and where to be at the right time.  I have been in 10 weddings beside my own and I have NEVER seen better pictures than my own.  I now tell everyone I know to use Chris, because I do not want to see another bride I know with bad wedding pictures.  If you have any doubts on choosing Chris for your wedding day….DON’T!!!  You will be thrilled by your decision!  Your pictures are the only thing you get to go back to after all the hoopla of the wedding is over.”

Lizzy Digiorgio.

“When searching for a photographer to capture our pre-wedding engagement bliss, we wanted something more than a man with a camera. We were looking for a photographer who could truly capture “us.” With Christopher, we received so much more than we could have ever hoped for. He is a true artist, a man who can capture not only people, but the essence of a moment that surrounds a single point in time.  His images are beautiful, and we are forever grateful for choosing Christopher as our photographer.”

Leslie Harris.

“Chris is an AMAZING photographer.  He not only captured every event of my wedding day, but he captured every moment as well.  I was particularly impressed by how much time he spent with me.  Chris never really left my side.  He was there to capture everything from my early morning hair appointment to our reception send-off at the end of the night.  When choosing a photographer, I knew I did not want my pictures to look like every other generic wedding photo I’d seen, that is why I chose Chris.  He gave me pictures that were truly unique and beautiful in every way.  My husband and I are absolutely thrilled with the photography and service that we received from Chris on our wedding day.”

Amy Maloney

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