FAQ & Other Comments

This is a FAQ that has come out of the many questions we have gotten over the years, it is certainly not exhaustive and if you have a question that is not listed here, please contact us here.

  • Is the price we see on the price list the bottom line price? In a way, tax will apply to all physical products that are purchased, but other than that there are no hidden fees or unexpected expenses.
  • What happens if I sign a contract with you and the date of my wedding changes? If I have the new date available, then we can transfer the contract to the new date.  If I don’t have your new date available, then we void the contract.  The money that has been paid (minus $100 for liquidated damages) may be applied to future photographic services.
  • How long after the wedding will it take to get my images back? Typically, 1-3 weeks.
  • Do I get all the images you take at the wedding? No, we edit through and remove all the unwanted images and then enhance the ones we have selected.  See more about this in package details.
  • Tell me about the final images on the USB thumb drive? There will be 3 folders on the thumb drive.  A high resolution web folder, a low resolution web folder, and a print ready folder.  The high resolution web are for anything you need a high resolution web ready image for and general social media launches. The low resolution files are for facebook, blogs, twitter, tumblr, etc, and the print ready is high resolution color corrected output files ready for you to print.  Just make sure that anything you do with the final images are in line with the image contract that all clients sign when we book the wedding together.
  • What are the benefits of having a second photographer? Well, ultimately, more photos for you!  With two photographers we are able to cover the event more thoroughly, there is less running between bride and groom.  During the ceremony we are able to cover 2 angles at the same time and then you get twice as many photos during the reception.   I don’t believe there is a right or wrong choice here.  I feel very comfortable in shooting your wedding alone, and I don’t believe you will suffer in any way from not having a second photographer.  It really comes down to your personal choice and how many photos you want.
  • Do you travel? Yes, we do travel and love to travel!  If you have a destination wedding in mind, or if we need to come to you we would love to do that.  The client covers travel expenses, but we make that as cheap as possible for you.
  • Why do you show so many photos from each wedding on this site? It is our opinion that showing a wedding in it’s entirety is one of the only honest ways to display a photographer’s work.  We know that many photographers will only post their best shot or two.  On average a single photographer will take 1,500-2,500 images at a wedding.  Anybody taking that many images is bound to get a few good ones.  We want to show clients what your wedding will look like in it’s entirety.  Our goal is not to show you a single image from every wedding.  In our opinion, that takes the easy way out.  We want you to see what you will get from start to finish, in short what the fullness of your wedding will look like.  A wedding photographer tells a story, we think it is only fair for you to see what the whole story will look like if we shoot it, not just the highlights.
  • What is your philosophy on wedding photography at Satin Train? Wedding photography is the single largest photography expense that most households will incur in their lifetime.  Since this is the case it is important to really connect with client / vendor relationship in a meaningful way..  We cannot tell you how many times we have heard horror stories from couples who absolutely hated their wedding photographer and paid the high price tag for the event.  We always meet with potential clients and we go over the goals of the clients, we go over visual taste and aesthetics to make sure that the clients goals are met.  Our philosophy is that as the client you should be extremely satisfied with this experience and love the visual story that comes out of it.  We shoot a very editorial style during the event parts of the wedding, and then during the intimates and more one on one shooting we bring a fashion side to your day.  Our focus on the wedding day is very bride focused, we highlight the day as her day.  Our whole vision is to tailor this day around your desire and use our ability to make this day look as beautiful as possible while being honest to each persons story.  In short our vision is to make this day a beautiful memory.
  • There are a lot of “professionals” out there, why should we use Satin Train?  We think that it is important to say that we cannot meet the needs of every single person out there, and it is not our goal to do that.  With Satin Train, we have decided to really create an organic and unique product.  With that being the case there are going to be some people who don’t want what we create.  We understand this, and our photography is not extremely traditional. We have advised clients on certain occasions to go to different people if we have not felt we were their best option.  With that being said, we approach it from a very modern, editorial perspective. Outside of weddings we have shot for everything from fashion magazines to Sony Records.   We spend hours testing color palettes on the bride’s hair and skin color and try to make every photo specific to what this shoot needs.   When you come to Satin Train we want you as the client to know you are getting a custom job.  What we are giving you is not mass produced and we want it to be unique to you as the client.  We really do believe the work speaks for itself.  Take a look around the site, what you see is what you get.  If you feel this is for you, we would love to speak with you and see if we can create something beautiful together.


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