So, who are we and what is our story?

Satin Train Founders


Christopher Kuehl is the founder of Satin Train.

He has been shooting photography for over a decade.  He started out doing fashion and music photography (worked with Rolling Stone Magazine, Nikon, Levi’s & Stranahan’s Whiskey to name a few), but always with a huge emphasis on portrait photography.  He started shooting weddings 7 years ago and fell in love (no pun intended) with telling peoples stories and seeing how much impact and joy it had on his clients lives.   It was drastically different then other forms of photography and the impact was much more significant and meaningful for him.  Christopher is also an avid tech junky and has multiple pieces of technology and software projects he has developed.  His passions include travel (over 30 countries explored), motorcycles, chess, literature, obscure strands of pipe tobacco and a good adventure.

Satin Train Founder


Roberta Casnellie (Robbi for short) is the co-partner of Satin Train (and Christopher).

Robbi hales from a background in art and graphic design.  She is a lover of all things ancient & antique.  She excels at understanding story and how to explain and enhance the visual perspective and how that relates to the larger story.   She has been taking photos for 6 years and her family still owns one of the last standing brick and mortar photography stores in Ft. Collins.  Her passions include poetry, music, antiques, fine art, hand made goods, and NYC.

Roberta Casnellie



We so often hear about love; tales of great triumph, alluring adventures of longing and lust, tugging at our insatiable thirst for story.

But this story is different. There’s no way to explain it to others because for us, it’s the way we take each other to a place no one else can see. A vastness that suddenly feels like home.
A place to burry our ears in the meter of our heartbeats.
A place of eternal Sunday mornings, sly eyes, wild hair and intoxicating thoughts. Sharing an expression like we weren’t quite meant for this Earth, but together we could outlast the sands and sea.
A place that contains nothing more than a desert road and a motorcycle for two. Eternally playing a soft duet of muse and artist.

For us, our story isn’t a fable or fairytale. Our story is one that is contained within the shape our bodies create while laying together, with heavy eyelids and 4 am conversations. A story contained within us. For us.